Education Versus Training

Many people don’t understand the difference between education and training. Education is giving out information and communicating to your trainees. Training is about practice and building skills. Today’s younger generation of employees wants to be trained, not educated.

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Arts and Entertainment As Education and Training

Prisons should be rehabilitation centers. Inmates would be forbidden to watch commercial TV. Entertainment would be OK, but it would be good clean entertainment, not the sexual immorality, drug abuse and violence so prevalent on commercial TV.

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For Sale By Owner Education and Training

There are many properties in this world, which are bought by an owner and after some time they are put up for sale by owner. There can be many reasons for this type of action. There are often the emergencies of situations, which impel the owner to sell their property. The situation is different depending on the person… Some sell their property when they undergo a difficult financial period of their life or when they go through any kind of separation or divorce or even some other major unexpected turn in their life. They also sell their property in order to free the capital in their properties so that they can pay back their creditors.

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